Limited company created at the beginning of the years 1980, the company began in working for the iron and steel industry before turning to the nuclear powerrestations/serrurerie"> as of the beginning of the years 1990.

We ensure maintenance services, boiler-making, metal construction, lock industry and dismantling in industry, Chemistry and nuclear

Our policy is articulated around 5 essential points. Reactivity, price, lead times, quality, safety and hygiene While preserving the environment.

To achieve these objectives FML gave the technical means necessary to satisfy its customers to his teams.

But without the men, the technical means are nothing. It's why a rigorous safety and hygiene policy permit us to obtain the MASE certification. And the continus training of our teams assure a perfect service to our customers.

Our certifications and our skilled workers allow us to answer to your needs, for all manufacturing projects, maintenance, metal construction and locksmithing. Don’t hesitate to contact us we are there to meet your expectations.